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Since 2013, we have been reinventing the furniture industry one sofa at a time, it’s not easy — it requires solving challenging, meaningful problems. This is where you come in...

Our story

Article was founded by four friends and software engineers: Aamir Baig, Fraser Hall, and brothers Sam and Andy Prochazka. Furniture-buying was a frustrating, expensive experience. Product quality and customer service were inconsistent. The whole process took way too long! They knew there was a better way.

Article offers quality furniture at reasonable prices — and focus on delivering value from first click to final delivery. Article’s team of in-house designers make beautiful products, while our Home Delivery Team brings them to your door with the care each piece deserves. That’s what we call remarkably better.

Guiding principles

These aren't wall art, we live the Article Way in everything we do.

Read the Article Way. 

Customer obsession

You carefully consider what your customers need, and work to exceed their expectations, right down to the smallest detail.

You always prioritize building trust with your customers as a non-negotiable when making decisions.

You show genuine care for your customers and it shows in the work you do.

Question assumptions, dive deep

You’re curious about how things work, why they work, and how they might work better.

You challenge the status quo, limitations, and the assumptions of yourself and others.

You identify effective solutions by taking the time to clearly understand the problem, its root cause, and effects.

Ownership mindset

You view your job as a responsibility, not just as work. You are self-accountable and take initiative.

You put the company ahead of team and personal desires. You prioritize doing what is in the best interest of the company ahead of any other agenda.

Your actions demonstrate a desire to improve the company’s financial health in a sustainable way.

Win together

You bring people together into high performance teams, develop trust, and challenge them to deliver outstanding results.

You give direct, honest feedback—and receive feedback—with an open mind.

You are humble. You give credit to others when things go well, and take responsibility when they don’t.

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We're building new CGI Teams

Yes, you read this right! 

-3D Modeling Team
-Visualisation Team

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By the way, all these images below are CGI 👇

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